Bringing French home

Bring French into Your Home

  • Including some French in you everyday home life early on will show your child how much you value learning a second language. Parents can learn French too - it can be fun and enriching for the whole family! Activities need not be expensive or elaborate. Just use your imagination and you will be able to add to the list below in no time.
  • Use labels from can and food packages to make a collage or collect them in a scrapbook. They won’t realize they are learning vocabulary, spelling, and sorting.
  • Play I Spy in French. Prepare for the game by printing on cards the French names for objects in a particular room of the house. Don’t know the name of an object? Let your child know it’s OK not to know something. Make a point of finding out the word you didn't know from an older sibling, a teacher, a visual dictionary or an English/French dictionary.
  • Have your child label as many objects in your house as possible. In making the labels don’t forget to include the article “le” or “la” so that your child can learn if the noun is masculine or feminine.
  • On a long car ride play “Guess the sentence” Your child will say a word, sentence or phrase in French while the parents try to guess what is said. You will soon discover you can figure out the meaning even if you don’t know every word.
  • Introduce older students to board and computer games in French. Scrabble, Monopoly, and Clue are some of the many board games available.
  • Music can be a marvelous motivator. Play a French tape or CD. Listening to songs and singing along develop both aural and oral skills. Repetition gives children the opportunity to pronounce sounds that do not exist in the English language. Music also provides a window into French culture.
  • Family sing-a-longs can be great fun while driving or sitting by the fireplace or campfire.
  • Check out local French television and radio listings.
  • Many videos are available including the ever popular Disney collection.
  • Check out a French library book.
  • Subscribe to a French newspaper or magazine.
  • Hire a French-speaking baby sitter.
  • Check your local directory for Francophone clubs including sports clubs. They often have planned activities and entertainers which may be of interest to your child.
  • Travel to a French speaking destination.
  • French summer camp is a wonderful way to have fun in the sun while practicing language skills.
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