Here are some commonly asked questions about French Immersion:

Do Children in French Immersion study the same Curriculum as students in English Classes?

Yes, the Curriculum must follow guidelines of the Ministry of Education. Teachers implement the new Ontario Curriculum in all subject areas with the same expectations for French Immersion students as they have for students in the English Classes.

We do not speak French so how can we help our child/children at home with homework?

*Homework assigned is a continuation from school and is well  explained at school.

*As with any homework (French or English), students are encouraged to attempt it independently. Parents are there to support and encourage.

*Strong communication between parents and teachers, supported by a positive learning environment help students overcome challenges that may arise.

*Correspondences/report cards from school are done in English, therefore parents do not have to worry about being able to read or understand the French language.

Will my child/children be behind in English if they attend French Immersion?

*NO! It is actually quite the contrary.

*Most children in French Immersion transfer skills of reading and writing in both languages. By grade 4, most French Immersion students are reading, writing, and speaking in both languages at or above the expected level for grade 4.

What benefits are there to a French Immersion education?

*They will be bilingual in a bilingual country.

*A French education provides a distinct advantage for job opportunities in the future.

*Learning a second language actually strengthens their first language skills.

*Fosters tolerance and respect for other cultures.

What opportunities are there to enhance French Immersion as they grow?

*There are student exchanges that the students can take part in starting in grade 8. There are exchanges to Quebec and/or France that are organized by ISE. These exchanges are available to French students in High School as well. These are quite the learning experience!

What about the EQAO assessments in Grades 3, 6 and 10?

Students in French Immersion are considered by the Ministry of Education to be English language students studying French as a second language. The students are required to write the EQAO assessments for grades 3, 6 and 10 in English. Our experience has been that the students usually do as well as, and sometimes better than, their peers in the English language program.

What is the percentage of French and English that is taught in a day in the French Immersion Program?

*Grades Kindergarten-6- 75% French, 25% English

*Grades 7-8- 50% French, 50% English (Science and Math are taught in English)
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