Why Bilingualism?

Bilingualism, you can take it anywhere and use it anywhere!

We are living in the post-industrial age, during a time when communication and information are among our most valuable commodities. People who understand and take advantage of these new realities will enjoy a new prosperity. By providing students with strong second language skills we will be arming them with a skill which will be invaluable. Here are some things to consider

  • With French and English language skills, your child can speak to 556 million people in 83 countries
  • French opens doors to knowledge and communication
  • French gives graduates an advantage in the workplace

Quick Facts about FSL. Did you know...

  • French is spoken in two of the G7 countries
  • France is Europe’s foremost investor abroad
  • French is the official language of the International Red Cross
  • French is the official language of the post offices around the world
  • French is one of the two official languages at the Olympic Games
  • French is the one of the most widely taught second languages after English
  • French is one of the official languages of the United Nations
  • French is the major language of high tech and business around the world
  • Over 20,000 English words have their origins in French
  • In 1994, the United States did business / trade with the following countries in order of importance:

    1. French speaking countries
    2. Japan
    3. Spanish speaking countries

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